Caring for Perennials

Perennials are great looking plants that can last for years if cared for properly. As spring time approaches it is a great time to start caring for your perennials or begin planting new ones. Below are four ways to care for your perennials that will keep them healthy for a long time.


After planting your perennials be sure to lay a 2-3 inch deep layer of soil around the base of the plant. By doing this you will be helping the plant contain moisture and stop weeds from growing.


If your perennials have been in the ground for a couple years and are starting to grow to the point of overcrowding themselves you should dig them up and split the plant in half and re-plant.


Each perennial is different in terms of watering. A good rule is to make sure you are keeping them watered regularly for the first year to make sure they last.


If you have rich soil you do not need to worry about feeding, but if you do not have good soil to plant in, simple fertilizer will work with perennials.

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4 Ways to Clean up Your Garden for Spring

spring-800240_1920Spring is right around the corner and that means people can start gardening again. Before you start planting, it is a good idea to do some spring cleaning around your garden. Below are four easy ways to clean up your garden to get it ready for spring and summer.


The beginning of Spring is a great time to fertilize your garden again. Place some new fertilizer in your garden to help support healthy growth for Spring.

Fresh Soil

After a long winter it’s always good to add fresh soil-peat moss depending on your existing soil.


You want to prune and trim any damaged branches from trees. And be sure to trim bushes, hedges and any perennials that may have overgrown.

Rake Dead Leaves and Twigs

During the Fall and Winters, leaves and branches can gather around flower beds. You want to make sure that your garden is clean so sunlight and rain can reach all of your plants.

Spring is a great time for gardeners to start working outside again. If you would like to learn more about Plant Masters selection of plants find us online here, or call us at (440) 552-4819