Women owned and operated commercial interior landscape design & maintenance company located in Cleveland, Ohio. Since we opened in 2001, our business has grown to serve numerous large and small companies all around Northeast Ohio.

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Let Plant Masters Brighten Your Season With… Beautiful Fresh Poinsettias (Delivery Available) Outstanding Trees, Wreaths, and Garlands Dazzling Custom Holiday Specialties   How We Can Help! Don't wait until the holiday catches up with you. Whether it's family, friends, or employees, give us your list and let us fill those poinsettia orders and deliver them for you. We have a great selection of colors and sizes. From trees to miniatures, we will fill your gift orders. We will also fill your offices and parties with color. We offer red, white, pink, marble, and even painted poinsettias in an array of colors and sizes. All you need to do is call us at 440-552-4819.   Classic (1 stem) $13.50 Elegant (2 stem) $22.50 Supreme (3 stem) $29.8O Grand Bush (4 stem) $42.60 Plus sales tax *Order by October 31st and receive a 10% discount. Plant Masters, LLC. Nanette Cox P.O. Box 31623 Independence, OH 44131   We also have reasonable shipping charges and offer maintenance  programs

Plant Masters has an updated list of plants available for you to buy! Check out our great selection below and let us help to make your office feel inviting and look great. We have plants that will add a nice touch to any office as well as plants for the holiday's. Our Plant List Asters                                   Garden Mums                   Kale                                       Ornamental Peppers Poinsettias                           Cyclamens                         Christmas Cacti                 White Hydrangeas Norfolk Island Pine --------- For more information or pricing on

I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t it a little early to be thinking about Christmas decorations”? Well, Christmas in July is a fun tradition that many people celebrate and the perfect opportunity to start planning ahead to make sure that the supplies you need are ready when you need them, instead of scrambling, with everyone else, during those short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Get excited about planning the Christmas atmosphere without the nasty weather around to bring you down! Below are some of the ways Plant Masters can help your make sure this year’s holiday décor is memorable and beautiful! Plants At Plant Masters, we can help you find the perfect types of plants that will create a Christmas vibe in your office. We will review the space you want us to work with and come up with a plan. Working with you, we will explain the

Living green walls are starting to pop up in offices around the US. Rather than paintings and pictures, many places are using plant life to decorate their office space. This unique design looks great and gives an eco friendly vibe, but problems occur for people that lease spaces or have small properties, luckily there are a couple of solutions. Freestanding One option is to get a freestanding system, think of a bookshelf but for plants! These systems come with multiple rows of cabinets that can hold all kinds of plants. These systems also have built-in recirculating irrigation networks so that you do not have to worry about constant watering. These options are truly unique and create a beautiful visual in some unexpected places! Small Wall Planters Another option is the small wall planters. These hang on walls like paintings and are great for offices that may have spatial limitations.