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Living Green Walls

Living green walls are starting to pop up in offices around the US. Rather than paintings and pictures, many places are using plant life to decorate their office space. This unique design looks great and gives an eco friendly vibe, but problems occur for people that lease spaces or have small properties, luckily there are a couple of solutions.


One option is to get a freestanding system, think of a bookshelf but for plants! These systems come with multiple rows of cabinets that can hold all kinds of plants. These systems also have built-in recirculating irrigation networks so that you do not have to worry about constant watering. These options are truly unique and create a beautiful visual in some unexpected places!

Small Wall Planters

Another option is the small wall planters. These hang on walls like paintings and are great for offices that may have spatial limitations. These offer a simpler design and a tank hidden by the frame that can water the plants for a few weeks at a time before needing to be refilled. These kinds of wall plants will most likely need more maintenance than the freestanding system, including refilling and checking the soil.

The Benefits

Adding a living green wall to your office space creates a unique and memorable experience for your clients/customers. These art pieces are not only a unique feature, they also help the air quality of the office. By incorporating living green walls to any space, you are bound to make an impression on someone and create a cleaner air environment.

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